The CLASS (band) and GERRY JOE WEISE Infos 1977 1978

Photo: Dale Jenner (drums), Gary Conlon (vocals), Gerry Joe Weise (guitar), Bruce Gibson (guitar).

The CLASS 1972 / 1978 Sydney rock band.

GERRY JOE WEISE joined The Class early 1977 as lead guitarist after Siren broke-up. But before Gerry Joe Weise and Gary Conlon the vocalist joined the band, Class was a trio, with Michael Tann on vocals/guitar. The rhythm section with Dale Jenner on drums and Bruce Gibson on bass, used to be Graveyard (concerts at the Sydney Hordern Pavillion - they would dress up like the groupe Kiss, even before they existed !), then they were Rockit driving around in a Buttercup Bread van, and finally they became The Class. The Class had been together for 4 years (ed. later 6 years with Gerry Joe Weise), during which time they had collected a few symbols of fame. In 1972 they won the Wollongong Battle Of The Sounds, they had played support to quite a few top Australian bands (Sherbet tour), and they had made a film clip for a TV music show. With numbers like All Shook Up and a liberal lacing of Status Quo type material, they were obviously rock'n'rollers, and Ram Magazine compared them to "shades of another grassroots band, Radio Birdman !". Michael Tann left The Class shortly after the Queensland leg of the Sherbet tour, and Gerry Joe Weise with Gary Conlon joined the band. The repertoire changed to heavy, melodic rock - mostly originals written by Conlon and Weise, but with some Deep Purple, Queen and Trapeze numbers. When they played at the famous Bondi Lifesaver in Sydney on June 17 1977 with The Angels, Juke Magazine hailed The Class as "a heavy metal band with high volume, they were entertaining and fresh !". The Class owned their own purple 6,000 watt P.A. system and a purple truck, and spent years paying it off. They released a Video clip with Gerry Joe Weise and Gary Conlon in the band, which was featured on channel 10, channel 9 and channel 7 on Australian television.

The CLASS 1977 / 1978

GO SET Magazine May 20 1977. "Could you please print info on the band Class. Apart from knowing that they replaced TMG on the Queensland leg of the Sherbet tour, I know nuthin' of the band, or the guys involved."
Ex Queensland resident, Tasmania.
CLASS as you saw them in Queensland, were a three-piece band. Guitarist/vocalist, Michael Tann has left and a new guitarist, Gerry Weise (aged 17) and Gary Conlon on lead vocals has joined to make the lineup four-piece. The other two members are Bruce Gibson on bass and Dale Jenner on drums. The Class perform mostly original material and cite their influences as Rainbow, Deep Purple and ZZ Top.
Go Set Magazine, Sydney.
JUKE Magazine June 3 1977. Suzy Dickinson (of Redhead Management) manages up and coming Sydney rock band The Class. Last year they supported Dragon and Sherbet, but have since had line up changes - with Gerry Weise (17 years old) on guitar, and Gary Conlon (aged 19) on vocals - they are preparing for the long haul to the top. They do heavy, melodic rock - mostly originals but with some Deep Purple, Queen and Trapeze thrown in, The guys are pretty good ! Class Fan Club c/- Debbie & Karen, 42 Railway Str, Southport QLD 4215.
Juke Magazne, Sydney.
Gary Conlon
(Taurus) - Lead vocal - ex-bass guitarist of 19 with engaging personality that drives the chicks wild on stage... (so he says). What are your ambitions ? To be good and to know I'm good. What are your interests ? Raging, drinking, sleeping, listening to records and foxy ladies - in any order ! Also song-writing and music. What are your musical influences ? David Coverdale, Robert Plant and Jazz influenced Rock. What are your bad habits ? I spin a good line - almost believable ! Favourite colours ? Black and blue !! The Band's comments ? He's sloppy - and it is the older women he goes for... that is, any over 14 !!!
Gerry Weise (Taurus) - Lead guitar (plays also bass and drums). Gerry at 17 has firm ideas and opinions which come over quietly but with conviction. He left Siren as rhythm guitarist to take up the lead guitarist post in Class. He's a great success with the ladies, looking so good on stage. What are your ambitions ? To be the greatest, but seriously, I want to be recognised as a good musician and established song-writer. What are your interests ? Just music - any music played well especially jazz-rock, and naturally, song-writing. What are your musical influences ? Jimi Hendrix, Tommy Bolin, Paul Kossof, Robin Ford and John McLaughlin. What are your bad habits ? I talk too much at the wrong time ! Favourite colours ? White and red. The Band's comments ? He quotes a book "How to be a successful Rock'n'Roll Star", we laugh, but it seems to be working !!!
Bruce Gibson (Gemini) - Bass player of 24 with quiet but strong manner, determined and ambitious. Previous bands during his 6 years of musical experience include Graveyard with drummer Dale. What are your ambitions ? To be part of a successful Australian Band. What are your interests ? Bourbon & Coke, watching colour TV, playing squash, watching football (rugby) and listening to good bands. What are your musical influences ? Queen, Bad Company, David Coverdale and some Blues. What are your bad habits ? I'm too kind-hearted, and I worry a lot. Favourite colour ? Brown. The Band's comments ? He's the 'good guy' in the band, and did you know it takes an hour to dry his hair ! Seeing is believing !!!
Dale Jenner (Pisces) - Drums, backing vocals (plays some guitar) - at around 23, Dale is open and expressive with that big appealing smile. Dale has been playing in bands for around 6 years, has been with Bruce for five years both in Graveyard and now in Class. What are your ambitions ? To entertain people and be respected by other musicians. What are your interest ? Squash, tennis, dining out, driving fast and sensible women ! What are your musical influences ? Ian Hunter, sophisticated rock, but I like to support Australian bands and talent. What are your bad habits ? I eat too much ! Favourite colour ? Blue. The band's comments ? He certainly eats too much food, mostly other peoples !!!